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Choosing the Best OEM Gaskets & Aftermarket Gaskets for Diesel Vehicles

Gaskets may be one of the least expensive parts in your aftertreatment system, but aftermarket and OEM gaskets can end up costing a lot more when they’re overlooked. Our friend “Joe” learned that the hard way.
  • Steve Hoke

PACCAR vs Cummins

PACCAR and Cummins are two well-known brands in the heavy-duty trucking industry. PACCAR is a Fortune 500 company that designs, manufactures, and sells commercial vehicles...
  • Steve Hoke

DPF Pressure Sensors

What is a DPF differential pressure sensor? What function does it perform inside the diesel emissions system? Why do they fail? Where should you buy your replacement DPF sensor should it need to be replaced?

  • Steve Hoke

Weld Bungs

The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) are some of the most expensive parts of your emissions system, so when one of your sensors gets stuck in its housing or breaks off, replacing the entire unit is a big expense.

  • Steve Hoke


With all the focus on DPFs, the DOC is often forgotten as a part of your aftertreatment system. The DOC is the first line of defense against harmful chemicals in diesel engine exhaust, and it should be cared for and maintained just like the rest of your truck's emissions system. 
  • Steve Hoke

EGT Sensors

When most people think about diesel emissions on modern diesel engines, they think about diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts, or the selective catalytic reduction.
  • Steve Hoke