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Steve Hoke •

Ways to Reduce Excessive Idling to Save Money in Winter

Owner-operators play a critical role in keeping the country moving by transporting goods and services. Despite your importance, idling remains a major issue for the trucking industry, especially during the winter months when idling rates are at their highest. Idling not only costs you more in fuel, but it also produces more emissions and accelerates the wear rate of critical engine systems like the aftertreatment system.
Steve Hoke •

How to Maintain Your Detroit DD15 DPF Filter

The Detroit DD15 engine is widely recognized in the heavy-duty trucking industry for its remarkable endurance and prolonged service life, making it a practical and cost-efficient alternative for demanding trucking activities. Its unparalleled power, efficiency, and dependability offer companies the necessary means to ensure seamless operation.
Steve Hoke •

V-Band Clamps For Heavy-Duty Diesel Applications

V-band clamps are a small but mighty part of your heavy-duty vehicle. With many applications, v clamps can most often be found in the aftertreatment system. These often-overlooked connectors are essential to the modern heavy-duty diesel engine.

Steve Hoke •

How to Maintain Your Volvo D13 DPF Filter & Engine

If you have a Volvo D13 engine in your fleet, it’s essential to know how to care for and maintain the aftertreatment system, especially the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Read on for a comprehensive overview of the Volvo D13 DPF filter and its engine.
Steve Hoke •

Choosing the Best OEM Gaskets & Aftermarket Gaskets for Diesel Vehicles

Gaskets may be one of the least expensive parts in your aftertreatment system, but aftermarket and OEM gaskets can end up costing a lot more when they’re overlooked. Our friend “Joe” learned that the hard way.
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