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We are super excited to be among the fine sponsors of this wild new show, AdVANture Hunter on the Sportsman’s Channel

The series starts Monday Dec 28th at 8:30pm and 11pm EST. Every Monday night (January thru June 2021) you’ll see co hosts, Jim Kinsey and Brandon Nelson seek out new AdVANtures! And in the process promote conservation and highlight sustainable living from customized Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

Check it out!

AdVANture Hunter:

We have also partnered with AdVANture Hunter - an outdoor lifestyle television series that unveils the nomadic & sustainable lifestyle of hunting, fishing, and heart stopping experiences all while living & traveling in ruggedly kitted out Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

About AdVANture Hunter:

Follow Jim and Brandon as they chronicle the splendor and beauty of our natural world. Jaw- dropping footage is captured from California’s “Big Surf” coastline, to the snow capped peaks of Montana, and into the deep colorful coral reefs of the Hawaiian Islands.

The first season takes viewers on a journey into the realms of big wave surfing, hiking dangerous avalanche-prone backcountry, and spearing in shark infested oceans. Alongside Jim and Brandon, viewers will be taught amazing recipes by world famous celebrities, wild game chefs, and more. The men will be joined by celebrities and icons such as Chris Burkard, Shane Dorian, & Manny Puig on the search for unforgettable experiences.

Join Jim and Brandon as they live and breathe for the next AdVANture. Traveling in converted vans, both men advocate sustainability, and share the untold stories from every walk of life. Learn more at: https://advanturehunter.com/

Training powered by Diesel Laptops:

Our parent company, Diesel Emission Services (DES), has long prioritized training for customers in the heavy-duty truck industry. Taking it to another level, we have recently teamed up with Diesel Laptops to bring aftertreatment training classes to the west coast. These hands-on, in-person, practical classes are taught by knowledgeable, seasoned professionals.

About Diesel Laptops Training:

Diesel Laptops is known for our state-of-the-art commercial truck and off-highway diagnostic kits. But no tool is complete without training, so the Diesel Laptops Training Department was formed. What started as courses for diagnostic tools and a couple of basic skills for technicians has turned into an extensive course catalog covering the most sought-after skills in the heavy-duty truck and heavy equipment industries. Diesel Laptops now offers classes on everything from electrical diagnostics and datalink systems to hydraulic system diagnostics. Thanks to partners like DES, we can offer our exclusive courses across the country. To learn more about the Diesel Laptops Training Department, take a look at our website at https://training.diesellaptops.com.

Truck Fault Codes:

We are excited to partner with Diesel Laptops and their industry-leading service Truck Fault Codes. We are including with every online store order a free 1-year premium membership card worth $200 (while supplies last). Our diesel technicians find the info from TFC to be very helpful and we think you will too.

About Truck Fault Codes:

The Truck Fault Codes site/app lets you search by the MID, PID, SPN, and FMI codes, plus the OEM flash codes. The database of codes is the largest in the industry and is continually being updated. In addition, they offer a large library of step-by-step repair information and detailed wiring diagrams. The diagnostic coverage is for all on-highway commercial diesel trucks used in North America, both domestic and imports. This includes engine, ABS, transmission, cab controllers, emissions, and more.
Learn more: https://truckfaultcodes.com