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We've got a great selection of Redline Emissions Products© (REP) DPF Weld Bungs in many sizes and shapes.

To help you find the bung(s) you're looking for - use the TAGS section to select the type or thread pitch/size of the bung. The TAGS section is in the sidebar to the left (on desktop), on a mobile device scroll down below products to access the TAGS area.

DOCs and DPFs are often exposed to harsh environments, sensors become galled in their housing or "Weld Bung", making them difficult to remove. Often the sensor removal process will strip out or tear out the weld bung. There's no need to replace a DPF or DOC because of replacing a bung. Our weld bungs come in a variety of standard bung sizes and options. Sizes of weld bungs we carry: M10 x 1.25, M12 x 1.0, M12 x 1.25, M12 x 1.50, M14 x 1.00, M14 x 1.25, M14 x 1.50, M16 x 1.00, M16 x 1.50, M18 x 1.50, M20 x 1.50 and M22 x 1.50 - with many options and flares available.

How can you be sure you're buying the right thread bung? It can be tricky online. Our professional parts specialists are on hand ready to assist you. First you need to know the OEM part number of the DPF or DOC where the weld bung is seated on. You can check the size and pitch options to the left under the tags area. Still not sure? Chat with an agent today for help. Be sure to have your DPF OEM number available.  

DPF Parts Direct makes finding the best weld bungs for sale easy and painless. Our weld bungs are paired with temperature sensors, back pressure sensors, O2 sensors and NOx sensors. Make sure to use anti-seize when attaching a sensor to your weld bung to prevent galling. Sensors can often become galled in the port, so if you remove a sensor, it's often better to replace it rather than try to reinstall the old one, as the removal process can harm the sensitive electronics. While it may work when reinstalled, failing 100 miles down the road will cost not only the price of a new one but also a tow bill and other unexpected expenses. ​