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REP DPF Clamps

Redline Emissions Products© (REP) DPF Clamps.

Clamps are an integral part of an emission system and often overlooked. V-Clamps are made to a high tolerance, and the “V” is designed to hold the flanges together and keep the system air-tight. Imagine what happens on the road with multiple heat/cool cycles and road vibration.  System leaks can compromise your entire emission systems performance. Quick tip: when installing a V-clamp, tap the clamp in several places to make certain it seats correctly, allowing for easier bolt installation... also never use an air ratchet on the clamp bolts and torque to correct values.

With so many options out there, finding the best v clamp for sale can be a challenge. At DPF Parts Direct, we've got you covered. All you need is the OEM part number and our team can help cross-reference that with the correct v clamp. We offer v clamp brands like Cummins and Redline Emissions Products©. The benefits of a Cummins v-clamp is that Cummins is a trusted name in OEM v-clamps. They are a leader in aftertreatment technologies, and their parts are built on thousands of hours of real-world experience and expertise with oxidation catalysts, particulate filters and SCR technology. 

The benefits of Redline Emissions Products© is their v-clamps are OEM quality without the OEM price. REP sources OEM quality components along with implementing a rigorous hand inspection process to ensure its parts are OEM quality or better. REP offers OEM or better quality 300 series stainless steel bands and retainers that resist corrosion with an efficient latching mechanism for quick assembly and reassembly. Search our wide selection of OEM & aftertreatment DPF v-clamps and chat with us if you need help finding the right part.