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Concerned About Buying DPFs Online?

Jennifer Street

Published on

We Know.

It's scary out there.

Finding the right diesel emissions part online may seem impossible. Worse, you think you've found the right part only to realize it doesn't fit!!! Or you find an online store but they don't carry your model. Then there's OEM parts, aftermarket parts.... and all these numbers... geesh! Even for seasoned Fleet Managers, finding the best deals and right parts can be a challenge... not to mention owner operators who may not know the industry lingo or even what search terms to use. 

Buying DPF parts online can seem overwhelming. 

We've got you covered.

DPF Parts Direct.com is more than an online store, we’re backed by parent company DES, with 15 years of hands-on shop experience with diesel emissions systems – including retrofitting – and 42 years of diesel repair experience. We know the equipment AND service end of the emissions industry! DES has 5 west coast brick & mortar locations, with our main store in Redding providing the customer service for our online store. And if that’s not enough, our store is backed by millions of dollars in inventory and features Redline Emissions Products®, which is an all-makes aftertreatment line of DPFs (diesel particulate filter), DOCs (diesel oxidation catalyst), DPF clamps, DPF gaskets, weld bungs, DPF sensors, CACs (charge air coolers) and more, including DPF cleaning equipment from Filtertherm. 

When you shop with us online, you’ll receive live, responsive help from industry professionals. We want your purchase to be the right part and the right fit – every time. We are available live to chat during office hours and available also by phone.

How To Buy DPFs Online

To ensure you’ve got the right part, you’ll need to locate the TAG on your DPF and find the OEM Part Number, which is an industry reference number.

OEM Numbers vary by manufacturer; for example Cummins OEM #s are identified as the C P/N number, while Detroit models start with a letter. It is also very common in this industry for there to be many different OEM #s for the same product, because of various manufacturer changes over the years. These are considered OEM cross reference numbers (OEM crosses for short). Here are some examples of DPF & DOC tags:

Again, not every device is the same. Some have 5 or 6 numbers on them, which can be very confusing. But locating your tag or the stamped area shouldn’t be too difficult. Call our aftertreatment parts experts if you need additional help.

Got Questions?

Give us a call; email us at info@dpfpartsdirect.com or chat with a live agent on our site.